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Awards Received

2017 MCA - Awards of Excellence Winner

Springbrook Nature Center Award

Springbrook Nature Center

Renovation, Expansion, Or Tenant Improvement Project

2017 MCA - Awards of Excellence Winner - Minnesota Construction ManagerRead Article

2015 Environmental Initiative Award Winner

Tiny Diner Award

Tiny Diner

Environmental Initiative

2014 Excellence in Development Award - Minnesota Construction ManagerRead Article

2015 Merit Award for Renovation Expansion Project

Watonwan County Human Services Building Award

Watonwan County Human Services Building

From the Minnesota Construction Assocation - MCA

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2015 Merit Award for Green/Sustainable Project

Tiny Diner Award

Tiny Diner

From the Minnesota Construction Association - MCA

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Being Inspected

White Bear Plaza

EDS Builders Inspections - White Bear Plaza

Building Inspections

Promenade Cineplex

EDS Builders Inspections - Promenade Cineplex - Sioux City, IA

Izzy's Ice Cream Parlor

EDS Builders Inspections - Izzys Ice Cream Parlor

The Walkway

EDS Builders Inspections - The Walkway


EDS Builders Inspections - NCCM

My Experience

Joe Leaver's Experience with EDS Builders

On-site/Insight isn't just about building is about building People too.

My Experience with EDS BuildersRead Joe's Letter

The Answers You Need Before You Build

Who provides leadership for the team on a daily basis? A Construction Manager must provide leadership daily…on-site and face-to-face. Strong leadership always interprets into a strong sense of shared ownership by all.  It begins with high expectations from team members…during concept, design and construction on-site, on-time…every day.  Daily reviews and bi-weekly meetings drive the need-to-know issues and changes that impact each member’s part of the project.  This is important to their costs and time lines as well as the owners. The entire team… architects, engineers, contractors, owners and task force members, must depend on leadership, to keep them aware of daily threats and opportunities. A team that believes the quality, progress and vision of their project is on track, and moving beyond expectations, become believers, stewards and owners of the project.

Who looks out for your interests? The literal definition of a Construction Manager is, “One who works for and concerns himself with the best interests of the owner”…even prior to a building concept being fully developed. Construction, today, is a game played by specialists.  Advancing technology is having a huge impact on our building industry: the way we communicate, the way we buy…even the way we design and build.  Keeping up with technology results in a higher quality project…on time, on budget and exceeding expectations.

Who searches out opportunities and insures quality? The Construction Manager insures the quality of the project, however, he knows, thru knowledge, experience, and wisdom, that opportunities are uncovered daily by team members who are committed to building a shared vision.  A unique Construction Manager is one who is also an engineer, who brings additional knowledge and experience to your project way before construction begins.

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About the man, the Construction Manager and the builder who can answer all your critical questions.

Doc Smith is a member of the
AIA Building Code Committee

Minnesota Contruction Managers: AIA Building Code Committee

The committee meets monthly and discusses future codes being considered for adoption, real-time case studies where codes have made an impact in a project. The Mission of the Building Code Committee is to keep the membership updated in the upcoming changes to the code, assist the governing bodies in developing the code, and educate the membership.

Doc Smith is a member of the
Minneapolis Building Enclosure Council (BEC)

Minneapolis Minnesota Building Enclosure Council

The purpose of the Council is to promote and encourage discussion, training, education, technology transfer, exchange information about local issues and cases, relevant weather conditions, and all matters concerning building enclosures and the related science.

EDS Builders core values and uniqueness in action.

  • EDS BUILDERS... CREATES SWIFT, CANDID, NO RISK COMMUNICATION: EDS Buliders believes that communication is a dialogue that can only take place when all parties trust each other enough to be candid and honest.
  • EDS BUILDERS... BELIEVES ACCURACY BUILDS TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS: Primes and subs must know that you’ll “say what you’ll do and do what you say”. Trust begets commitment and commitment leads to a shared vision.
  • EDS BUILDERS... EXPECTS THE BEST: Creates high expectations because EDS Buliders knows that everybody wants to be proud of the work they have done, both as an individual and as part of a team.
  • EDS BUILDERS... CREATES A SENSE OF OWNERSHIP: When everyone is invited into the vision...commitment and ownership is much easier to establish.
  • EDS BUILDERS... DELIVERS SWIFT DECISIONS ON THE JOB: The ability to make decisions and answer questions on the job comes from experience and talent. The ability to make them swiftly demonstrates leadership. All members of the project team need decisions immediately.
  • EDS BUILDERS... BELIEVES YOU MUST INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT: Presence on-site sends a message to an entire project team. All members of the project team must feel comfortable that you are there and maximize their strengths as well as shore up their weaknesses.